What is Differential?

  The Differential system available in vehicles is among the most important systems in vehicles. This system, which is part of the front or rear wheels, plays a major role in the turns of the vehicle. In vehicles, the inner wheels travel less distance than the outer wheels while turning. In this regard, since the outer wheels draw a wider arc, there are faster turning situations. The differential system allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds in this regard. For this reason, the deterioration of the differential system causes a great danger for both the driver and the vehicle in vehicles. Knowing how to detect differential failures is of great importance for the health of the vehicle and you. How to Identify Differential Failure? Lubrication is carried out regularly to prevent the mechanical parts from heating and wearing out in vehicles. In this regard, contamination or running out of oil can cause major problems for the vehicle. For this reason, the amount of oil i